Digital Dictation
The Satellite Secretary offers expert word processing, limited only to a person's imagination, including correspondence and pleadings. Crystal clear digital technology all but eliminates editing. 
If you, or your clients, have lengthy agreements in document form only, just scan/email or fax them.  The Satellite Secretary can copy-type and format them into Word, for future use and changes.  You can create precedents and templates to greatly reduce wordprocessing costs for common documents.
Your clients can sometimes arrive with a last minute request, or amendments to agreements need to be made quickly for signing. Just let The Satellite Secretary know when you need the documents returned.
Billing / Docketing
Many busy lawfirms do a great job of satisfying clients' demands, but they are  so busy helping clients that their own business suffers. Billing is the lifeblood of any business. If you don't maintain your cashflow, you can't pay your own bills. The Satellite Secretary can help. We can prepare your dictated accounts on your letterhead. We can also enter dockets into PC-Law and create prebills for your review.
Your Virtual
         Legal Secretary
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