As Needed
Unlike regular staff, The Satellite Secretary provides assistance only when you need additional help. You do not need to supply an additional desk or computer, no office supplies are consumed, no office space is used, and no payroll taxes are incurred.
Relief Assistance
In most lawfirms, workload can vary widely from day-to-day and week-to-week.  New clients, unusually large projects, multiple deadlines occurring at the same time, can quickly overwhelm any office. A lawfirm though has limitation periods and other statutory dates that simply cannot be missed. Staffing your office at a level to handle occasional high volumes does not make economic sense. The Satellite Secretary fills this gap in manpower and gets the work completed for you.
Your clients can sometimes arrive with a last minute request, or amendments to agreements need to be made quickly for signing. Just let The Satellite Secretary know when you need the documents returned.
Many times it is easier to get your work down afterhours, when you can work without interruption. If you do work in the evening, send your dictation to The Satellite Secretary before you leave the office. Depending on volume, your work will be in your inbox when your arrive at the office the next day.
Your Virtual
         Legal Secretary
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